Unlimited facets

In collaboration with the Dutch artist Sabine Marcelis, OPENHOUSE as well as diverse media titles the team created a network event which connected photographers, artists as well as journalists from different fields to the boundaries of unlimited facets.​

On the launch date, the product was presented with an installation of Sabine. She created a pyramidal-shaped structure that, while allowing to know the time of day, is sensitive to light. Located in the middle of Solo Office’s garden, the sundial offered endless nuances and colours influenced by light and by the environment, which it’s at the same time modified by them.

Below you will find selected references:

Highsnobiety, Openhouse Magazine, Yatzer, Nowness, Ignant


The Art of Waiting

In the product shooting photographed by André Hemstedt & Tine Reimer, the team looked at the values of the product and considered the actions that we ourselves make in relation to time. 

Instead of pondering how quickly time runs, the editorial looks at moments spent waiting; those moments when time moves slowly. Defined as the action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or event, it would be easy to assume that waiting induces stasis, a slowing of time, a halt to action. Yet, even when we’re waiting we’re in motion; an unconscious tapping of feet and fingers, a yawn, a sigh.

Here you will find all pictures of the photo shooting.


Florence crafts

Together with international journalists the team created a journey to the art of the Florence craftsmanship. As part of the event, a cultural program was offered to explore the inherent relationship of craft and heritage through the eyes of contemporary artistic and artisanal agents.

Eleven individual tours tailored to the participants field of interest offered in-depth and intimate encounters with selected individuals. Each trip represented new artisanal activities as well as traditional production sites which managed to reinvent themselves without losing their roots. Topics were ranging from art, design, architecture, textile, sculpture, restoration, alchemy, photography to gastronomy. The program intended to investigate the core qualities and topics of artistic and artisanal production and how they impact our idea of contemporaneity.

Focussing on these aspects, the program portrayed the transition of artisan production to the 21th century, between reinvention and preservation.

Below you will find selected references:

Freunde von Freunden, Monocle, Ignant